Frequently asked questions

It means that your loan has been pre-approved based on the information provided. Over 89% of pre-approved customers can get a bad credit loan. It is subject to final assessment.
  1. Fill in a Pre-Approval form (Click Here) or full application form.
  2. Gather supporting documents (Click to download Doc checklist)
  3. Send by email or fax
  4. We will notify you once your application is received and keep you updated
  5. After a quick assessment, money will be forwarded to your bank account.
  • Own a motor vehicle OR a real estate property
  • 18 years of age or over
  • Receive an income
Perhaps. Each case varies depending on the applicant, i f your situation is unique, give us a call/email.
Fill in the pre-approval form or give us a call/email and we will give you an estimated amount. The maximum amount you can borrow depends on your car/property value and income level.
Loan can be pre-approved in 5minutes, after finalising the application the loan can be obtained the same day.
Make sure you've completely filled in your application form and sent in all the necessary documents to avoid delay.
After you complete your application form and have sent it together with the prerequisite supporting documents, we will process your loan immediately. After the loan has been assessed and a contract is signed, the fund will be forwarded to you.
As each person's case is different, we will inform you of the loan details including interest rate after your has been approved. We will can ensure rates are very competitive.
Loan term are from 1 -12 months. Simply request your preferred term.
Most of the loans can be paid off early to save interest with no penalties.
Yes, applying together can maximize your loan amount. Remember to provide two sets of documents.
Yes. All your personal information would be kept strictly according to the Privacy Act.

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